Terms and Condition

Individual Subscription is granted to any person who is a residential Indian citizen possessing MBBS and/or is pursuing/holding a diploma/degree in pediatrics (such as MD Ped., DNB Ped., DCH) recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI). Foreign Annual subscription is granted to any person who residing outside India and possessing MBBS and/or equivalent degree in Modern Medicine and is pursuing/holding pediatric degree recognized by Medical Council or any equivalent National Statutory Body formed by that country. Institution subscription is granted to any Hospital, Institution or Medical College in India.

  • 10 year subscription (Individual/Institution) period starts with January-March of the current year
  • Annual Subscription period is between January and December only for the current year

Subscription Rate

Individual Annual Rs.750/-
10 Years Rs.6500/-
Institution Annual Rs.4000/-
5 Years Rs.16000/-
Foreign Annual US $ 75/-


No cancellation will be entertained.

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Terms & Conditions